Welcome Burton Crossing home owners!

A quiet, mid-sized neighborhood, Burton Crossing is located on the southeast side of Indianapolis, in Franklin Township. Burton Crossing is adjacent to a nature park, owned by the city, but with exclusive access from the neighborhood. While modern conveniences such as banks, shopping, drugstores and restaurants are close by, neighboring areas have a more rural, country feel. Burton Crossing has an active and progressive homeowners association.

New home buyers, please be aware that in 06/2020 the homers owners of Burton Crossing voted to amend the covenants to require a Ten Year Waiting Period before a home owner can lease or rent their home. The BCHOA board may approve hardship exceptions due to death, divorce, relocation or other similar circumstances. Full details can be found here.

Reminder: Items may not be stored on the outside of your home. Building materials, soil, mulch, lawn mowers, etc. should be placed in your garage or storage barn. This is a safety concern as well as a property value issue. Thank you.