Burton Crossing’s community was built using Norandex Woodsman Select (Dutchlap style) siding in the following colors:
White Silver Beige
Cream Champagne Tan
Sandstone Seaport
(A “premium” color)
(A “premium” color)
The following “PREMIUM” colors are part of the Woodsman Select (Dutchlap style) lineup and have been approved for use in Burton Crossing Homeowners Association subdivision:
Sierra Khaki Mocha
Russet Olive Cactus
Fern Granite Smoke

Style approved for Burton Crossing Homeowners Association Inc.: Dutchlap

Below is a PDF showing colors.

Mold/Mildew on Vinyl Siding

Power washing is very effective though sometimes the mold/mildew is so deep that even power washing won't completely remove it. You may well need to buy some kind of chemical or even replace your siding in some areas. As for possible options available to you, we suggest you do your due diligence when having someone work on your property. Ask questions and make the choice that is best for you. Ultimately, who you use and how you choose to get the work done, is up to you. Suggestions:

• Juan Rodriguez also does this type of service and price is quoted on a job by job basis, (317)748-3196.

• Some neighbors have used the Home Armor E-Z House Wash with excellent results. It is fairly cheap to purchase (under $10.00) and doesn't require much scrubbing, if at all. This is a great option for D.I.Y.ers!