Shutter Color Cross Overs to Front Door Color

Norandex Mid America Shutter Color Sherwin Williams Paint Color
Black SW6258 Tricorn Black
Wedgewood Blue SW6222 Riverway
Clay SW7550 Resort Tan
Federal Brown SW2923 Bramble Bush
Musket Brown SW2735 Rockweed
Tuxedo Grey SW2118 Gunmetal Gray
Wicker SW7534 Outerbanks
Burgundy Red SW2719 Rustic Red
Forest Green DCR097 Marion Forest
Classic Blue SW6230 Rainstorm
Wineberry SW2901 Wine Country
Midnight Green SW6216 Jasper
Midnight Blue SW7605 Gale Force
Bordeaux SW6020 Marooned

If you want to replace a color used by Ryland Homes, just submit a color sample of the color you want to the management company or a member of the The Reserve Board of Directors. You may also paint your door one color as an accent to the color you select for the shutters.

The shutter colors are incorporated in the vinyl. Ryland Homes provided the Homeowners Association with the cross over paint color of Sherman Williams to paint the front doors to match the vinyl shutters.

Faded Shutters

Suggestion #1 -Self-employed painter, Juan Rodriguez, is a homeowner in Burton Crossing. Juan will paint shutters at $10 per shutter, including paint. You can call his wife, Bertha, to schedule your appointment for painting. Bertha’s number is (317)748-3196. Should you, the homeowner, wish to hire Juan, you should do your due diligence to make sure he is qualified in every way you think important. Do not rely on the HOA to pre-screen the painter. Ask questions about his experience and insurance, if that is important to you. In the event you wish to consider this homeowner, painter, the HOA has arranged with Juan to provide the following paint colors, at no additional charge to you:

• Tricorn Black

• Bramble Bush (Brown)

• Wine Country (Dark Red)

• Jasper (Dark Green)

• Rainstorm (Dark Blue)

The above paint colors are 5 of the 14 colors that Mid-America Shutters used for Ryland Homes. This document lists the names of the shutter colors, along with the crossover Sherwin Wiliams paint name, which is the closest match.
If you want a color that hasn't been arranged by the HOA, you will need to pay Juan for your paint. Juan can also paint the exterior side of your front door for $30.00. If you wish to utilize Juan’s services, please call his wife, Bertha Rodriguez, at (317)748-3196.

Mold/Mildew on Vinyl Siding

Power washing is very effective though sometimes the mold/mildew is so deep that even power washing won't completely remove it. You may well need to buy some kind of chemical or even replace your siding in some areas. As for possible options available to you, we suggest you do your due diligence when having someone work on your property. Ask questions and make the choice that is best for you. Ultimately, who you use and how you choose to get the work done, is up to you. Suggestions:

• Board member, Rusty Johnson, owns a power washer and has power washed several houses in Burton Crossing, at no charge. Rusty has offered to continue to do this and will accept a donation but a donation is not required. His intention is just to help his fellow neighbors. You can reach Rusty at (317)372-5630.

• Juan Rodriguez also does this type of service and price is quoted on a job by job basis, (317)748-3196.

• Some neighbors have used the Home Armor E-Z House Wash with excellent results. It is fairly cheap to purchase (under $10.00) and doesn't require much scrubbing, if at all. This is a great option for D.I.Y.ers!